The general public in Nigeria and other numerous viewing audiences within the World Community are hereby invited to carefully view these beautiful pictures below.

They lucidly depict CRAMAI’S full participation on the wings of VisMedNet under our astute Coordinator ‐ Mr. Antoine Gambin, at the very recent Refugees related International Training Project.
The Focus and Team of this extremely unique International Training event was predicated on ‐ “Refugee’s Inclusion, Moves Europe (RIME)”.
It was held in Bologna, Italy between 4th ‐ 8th of March, 2022 under the Hosting Authority of Lai ‐ Momo and General Coordination of Mr. Andrea Marchesini Reggiani, Mr. Nicola and Ms Sandra Federici.
The Project activities included ‐ the application of creative practice to help refugees’ integration; and the Education of Refugees on their Social Wellbeing and Societal Status.

I must frankly state here that the content of the general Training Project was superlative, deeply instructive and well coordinated; as it exhaustively exposed most of the participants to all conceivable and fresh perspectives of Refugees’ activities around the world.
At the International Training, Dr. Emmanuel Brasca Udo Ifeadi represented our outfit ‐ Conflict Resolution And Migration Awareness Initiative (CRAMAI).
He is the NGO’s Chairman Board of Trustees (BOT) & Director/International Coordinator.