Who We Are

Conflict Resolution and Migration Awareness Initiative (CRAMAI) is a non governmental organisation which aims to promote regular migration the world over by working in synergy with relevant stakeholders in engendering peace and harmony, safe and beneficial migration regimes in today’s dynamic society.

At CRAMAI, we have a team of seasoned professionals who havebeen able to evolve practical steps in delivering the following objectives;

To aware Peace Scholarship to young people, including those affected by conflicts in order to douse ethno-religious crises and conflicts, the peace scholarship and award remedying therapy would also be extended to the elderly and youths who fundamentally have genuinely encouraged peace building and peaceful co-existence in their communities in Nigeria and other conflict ridden locations around the world.

To promote community and youth development, environmental health, food security, good governance, poverty reduction, conflict prevention and all peace-building initiatives.

To assist in formulating specific socio-economics and political polices for constituted authorities and institutions within the domestic and international domain that would be aimed at preventing and eradicating current irregular  migration trends and eliminating potential conflict scenarios before they snowball into huger catastrophes.

To proffer articulated framework for the reorientation and education of the numerous massively impoverished human elements within the world community on the monumental need for Child Education and proactive strategies for poverty alleviation, since these two factors which precipitates collective societal disgruntlement, conflicts, public disorder and violence.

To provide strategic steps with the full utilisation of the social media and all e-communication systems in reaching out and massively educating our desperate youths who would want to resort to irregular migration to Europe, the Americas and other viable countries within the world community. This strategy of sensitisation is aimed at exposing such desperate youths to the realities of the huge dangers and death traps they must encounter on their routes through the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea.