The Civil Society Network on Migration and Development (CSOnetMADE) with the support of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and the European Union (EU), organised a well-structured Discussion Session with the Theme – CSOs’ Role and Contribution In Achieving Sustainable Migration Governance Through The Technical Working Group (TWG) on Migration and Development.

The first session of discussions started at about 10:45 hrs with the National Anthem, the introduction of dignitaries present, and a welcome address by the CSOnetMADE National Coordinator.

This was followed by goodwill messages from NACTAL, EU, IOM, Swiss Embassy, FMHADMSD, and HFC NCFRMI representatives. There were about 85 people in attendance which included CRAMAI’s representatives.

Thereafter, the Programme Officer of CSOnetMADE invited a group of Panellists or Discussants to join the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the CSF, Director Migration Department – NCFRMI, NACTAL representative, and the representative of CSOnetMADE Core group, to interrogate and discuss the Expectations and Deliverables of the CSF.

All participants were given a sticking note and pen to write down their foreseeable dreams for MIGRATION imperatives in Nigeria and the world community which would be emplaced on a beautifully decorated “DREAM WALL” at the venue of the Dialogue.

Fresh Panelists or Discussants were called up for the Second Session and they vigorously interrogated the impact of the TWG and the efficacy of the thematic working group in migration governance in Nigeria. This Session was moderated by the Co-Chairman of the CSF.

Thereafter, about 40 minutes were allocated for questions and answers for as many participants as wished or needed clarifications on any part of the discussions. The National Coordinator of CSOnetMade Dr. Emeka Xris Obiezufinally gave a synopsis of the GFMD for 2022/2023.

Later, there was a break-out session which was coordinated by the Chairman of the CSF while the participants were grouped into 6 groups, with each group having a group coordinator and a repertoire who was tasked with the responsibility of producing an Executive Summary of the salient points during each group’s discussion.

The various groups were detailed to discuss the following key issues:

1. Strategies to maximize the CSO in the TWG for effective migration governance.

2. CSOs role in ensuring a better representation at GFMD 2023.

After the groups’ deliberation Sessions, the group Coordinators formed a Panel which was made up of the repertoires of each group who then reported or announced to the House what their groups discussed their resolutions and recommendations.

It is worthy to note that their general conclusions and recommendations were as follows:

First, there is a need for more inclusion of CSOs in the TWG.

Second, CSOs are committed to delivering a sufficient and impactful TWG.

Third, Strengthen the CSOs on Migration with the capacity to maximize their space in the TWG.

Fourth, CSOs are important players in the Migration space and as such should be a core part of the TWG.  


The meeting ended at about 16.45 hrs.